”Everyone is a genius. But if we judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its life believing that it is stupid ” Albert EINSTEIN

  • Each human should know what are their own talents, gifts, personalities and capacities ;

  • Each human should know which jobs are
    related to their personality types. It is easier to be excellent in jobs and
    actions related to our talents, gifts, abilities and personalities ;

  • Orientation at a time in life should always consider our talents, personalities and capacities with related opportunities we have. It is the same particularly with professional life.

According to Cambridge dictionary

  • Talent: (someone who has) a natural ability to be good at something, especially
    without being taught ;
  • Talent : a special natural ability to do something
  • well, or people who have this ability ;
  • Talent: a person or people with a natural skill or ability.

1-Verb linguistic intelligence ;

2 – Logico-mathematical intelligence ;

3 – Kinesthetic bodily intelligence ;

4 -Spatial intelligence ;

5 – Interpersonal intelligence ;

6 -Rhythmic musical intelligence ;

7 -Intrapersonal intelligence ;

8 – Naturalist intelligence ;

9 – Existential intelligence.




The MBTI questionnaires are one of the best known tests. 2 millions people take the MBTI questionnaire each year. Some useful links

Below the different categories of MTBI personalities segmented into four groups

ANALYSTS: Architects, Logicians, Commanders, Innovators;

DIPLOMATS: Lawyers, Mediators, Protagonists, Inspirators;

SENTINELS: Logisticians, Defender, Director, Consul;

EXPLORERS: Virtuoso, Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Entertainer.


IKIGAI is a Japanese method allowing
you to find your REASON FOR BEING, your WAY

Below are some important links


Psychometric questionnaires not only allow us to get to know each other better and better to know others.

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  • To create IMPACT, you have to be aware that you have value. Our values generate more value, the value generated creates IMPACT. This is done through own talents, own gifts, owns personalities ;
  •  To create IMPACT, it is best to focus on actions related to our own talents, gifts, abilities, personalities ;
  • To create IMPACT, it’s important to respect integrating it into all our actions: human, cultural, natural, environmental, moral and ethical values;
  • Life is a school of values, we always have the choice to choose at the individual level to live while respecting our values. As much as possible ;
  • A child who has grown up in a family or an environment with values can IMPACT more easily ;
  • It is our values that make us an original and unique being;
  •  It is highly recommended to put our talents, gifts and abilities at the service of humankind